The Benefits of Potion Making

There was a time when potion making was the only medicine and beauty available. Each household would be responsible for making its own lotions, soaps, candles, tinctures, and more. Or our neighborhood apothecary would offer homemade blends, often using ingredients sourced from their own gardens. 

At least one person in your family would have knowledge of which herbs to use for an upset stomach or how to encourage hair growth. And of course, those who dabbled in the spiritual arts knew how to make ritual potions using ingredients which corresponded to their intentions. 

Having this knowledge allows you, the magical maker, to connect more deeply to the earth through the ingredients used in your creations. It also means you can customize your potions to fit your needs, rather than hoping to find something that resonates with you. You change the smell, the color, the texture, or amount.

Ultimately, you control the degree of potentially harmful fillers like chemicals, preservatives, and other questionable ingredients which are commonly used in beauty products today. 

There's no shortage of ritual-based apothecaries online and in person, the options are endless. 

Here is a list of things you may wish to try, but is by no means all that is available to you. 

For the Body:

  • bath treatments
  • body oils, lotions, butters, and cream
  • body washes and soaps
  • face masks and scrubs
  • face washes

For the Home:

  • candles
  • cleaning supplies
  • decor
  • incenses
  • simmer pots

For the Soul:

  • ritual candles
  • offerings
  • protection salts